Luke 20

Rulers in church and state are often very unsafe guides in the things of religion, and much more opposed to the truth and to those who preach it than are the common people. Hence the great importance of following the direction of Christ, Mt 23:8-10, and of searching the Scriptures, to see whether what rulers and teachers inculcate is according to them. If it is not, all should reject it. 1-8. Christ's authority. Mt 21:23-27. Parables and similitudes drawn from earthly things, with which people are familiar, are wise and efficient means of inculcating divine truth; and that preaching which leads the hearers to think, and draw correct conclusions for themselves, will be likely to do them the most good. 9-18. The parable of the vineyard Mt 21:33-44. Opposers of the gospel and of its faithful preachers are prone to represent their teaching as injurious to the state, and thus to attempt to set politicians and worldly men in active hostility against them. In this they would oftener succeed were it not that the truths of the gospel, plainly and kindly exhibited, commend themselves to the conscience, and thus through grace secure the common people in their favor. 19-38. Tribute to Cesar--the resurrection. Mt 22:15-33. Children of this world; men in this world. That world; the world of blessedness into which the righteous enter after the resurrection. Equal unto the angels; in their immortality and bliss.

The children of God--resurrection; like unto him after having been raised from the dead.
All live unto him; though dead as to us, they live to and with God; so that his covenant with them to be their God remains. They; the Sadducees. 41-44. Christ David's son and Lord. Mt 22:41-46. 45-47. Scribes denounced. Mt 23:1-33. Instead of always imitating the rich and great, and following those who are in high stations, it is sometimes necessary, in order to obey Christ, to reject their maxims, renounce their doctrines, and avoid their practices. This course may subject those who pursue it to many inconveniences, but it will honor the Saviour, benefit themselves, and promote the good of mankind.
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