Luke 3

Tiberius Cesar; the Roman emperor who succeeded Augustus.

Herod; Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great.

Tetrarch; literally, ruler of a fourth part.

Iturea; a region of country east of the Jordan.

Trachonitis; a country north of Iturea, towards Damascus.

Abilene; this lay west of Damascus and north of Galilee.
High-priests; Annas had been high-priest, and was succeeded by his son-in-law Caiaphas. Both were still living and were called high-priests, though but one them officiated. Persons who spend the early part of life in retirement from the noise and bustle of the world, are often preparing for great usefulness. In due time, God calls them to public stations, and to the discharge of duties of extensive and lasting benefit to mankind. The baptism of repentance; it implied the necessity of repentance in order to the remission of sins. The utter moral pollution of man by sin, and the necessity of spiritual cleansing by the Spirit of God, through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, are fundamental truths taught under all dispensations; and without a deep conviction of these truths, men cannot be prepared to embrace the Redeemer and become partakers of his salvation. The words of Esaias; Isa 40:3; Mt 3:3. 7-9. John's preaching. Mt 3:7-12. Not to say--We have Abraham to our father; rely no more for salvation on your outward relation to Abraham.

Of these stones--children unto Abraham; he who formed Adam out of the dust of the earth in his own image, can of these stones raise up holy men, who shall be Abraham's children, not by fleshly descent, but by having the character and doing the works of Abraham. Compare Joh 8:39; Ga 3:7. This is a clear intimation that the time has come when Abraham's seed shall no longer be reckoned by outward descent, but by character.
What shall we do? that is, in order to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance. Verse Lu 3:8. He enjoins upon each class of his hearers repentance, and the fruits of repentance appropriate to their condition in life. That repentance which is unto life, leads men to desire a knowledge of their duty for the purpose of performing it, to break off their sins, and to engage in doing good, as they have opportunity, to the bodies and souls of men. Exact no more; collect no more than is required by the government. In expectation; of the coming of the Messiah. 16-22. John's imprisonment--Christ baptized. Mt 14:1-13; 3:13-17 Thirty years; the age at which priests entered on their public duties. Nu 4:3,47.

As was supposed; as was generally thought by those who did not know the history of his birth. The son of

Heli; in Mt 1:16, it is said, "Jacob begat Joseph, the husband of Mary." Here Joseph is called "the son of Heli." Various ways have been proposed for reconciling the two genealogies of Matthew and Luke. One is, that Mary was the daughter of Heli; and on that account Joseph is called his son. Luke, it is then supposed, gives the genealogy of Mary, while Matthew gives that of Joseph.
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