Luke 5

The common people are often more eager than their rulers to hear the truths of the gospel. These truths, plainly and kindly exhibited, meet their wants as sinners, and commend themselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God. Two ships ; fishing-boats. Ministers of the gospel who have preached and labored long without apparent effect, should not be discouraged; but according to Christ's directions should continue to labor in humble dependence on him, and with believing expectations that in his own time and way he will give them success. Depart from me; this was occasioned by the display of his divinity which Jesus had made, and Peter's conviction of his own unworthiness. Catch men; by proclaiming to them the gospel, and thus bringing them from the service of Satan to the service of Christ. 12-15. The leper cleansed--the sick healed. Mt 8:1-4; 9:1-7 Information of the effects of Christ's power and grace upon some, is often instrumental in awakening the attention of others, and leading them to apply to him, and thus to become partakers of his salvation. He withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed ; it was his custom to do this, as the original implies, which might be rendered, He was in the habit of withdrawing himself, etc. The pure and sinless Saviour needed habitual communion with his heavenly Father to prepare him for the right discharge of the duties of his ministry. How much more do Christ's ministering servants, who are but sinful men, need such communion! The tiling; Mr 2:4. Tiles were flat pieces of dried clay with which the house was covered. The works of Jesus Christ, when on earth, showed that he had power to forgive sins and is truly divine. 27-32. Levi, or Matthew, called. Mt 9:9-13. And they said unto him; in Mt 9:14, this question is put by the disciples of John; in Mr 2:18, by the disciples of John and of the Pharisees. Jesus gives a general answer to both. For the meaning of verses Lu 5:34-38, see notes on Mt 9:14-17. 33-39. Disciples fasting. Mt 9:14-17 When men are taught of Christ, and know by experience the preciousness of his salvation, they will never give up his religion for any other. Good as the advocates of other religions may think theirs to be, the friends of Christ know his to be better.
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