Mark 10

1-12. Divorcement. Mt 19:1-12. God sometimes suffers things to take place which are violations of his laws, and gives directions suited to lessen in some measure the evils of those violations, while men wickedly continue to indulge them. This, however, is not to be interpreted as if he approved of those violations, or did not require that they should be done away. Shall put away; privately, without just cause, and without due form of law.

Committeth adultery; if a man could not marry another, after he had unjustly put away his wife, without committing adultery, he could not do it before he had put her away. And as adultery was always forbidden, polygamy of course was forbidden.
She committeth adultery; as really as the husband did in the other case. Neither has a man right to have two wives, nor a woman two husbands. Children from their earliest years need the blessing of Jesus Christ, and he is greatly pleased with those parents who feel this, and bring them to him, in prayer and faith, that they may receive it. 13-16. Christ blessing children. Mt 19:13-15. Jesus saw it; saw that the disciples disapproved of children being brought to him for his blessing.

Of such is the kingdom of God; both in this world and in heaven. Mt 3:2.
Receive the kingdom of God; submit to the guidance and government of Christ with the humble and docile spirit of a little child. Mt 3:2. 17-22. The rich young man. Mt 19:16-22. Then Jesus--loved him; with that natural affection which good men feel towards amiable youth who are correct in their deportment, though destitute of true religion.

One thing thou lackest; that one thing was supreme love to God. Persons may be amiable, kind, and moral in their deportment, and yet not be in heart truly pious. Such persons may at times feel anxious for their salvation, and yet not be willing to make the sacrifices and perform the duties which the gospel requires.
Grieved; that this great sacrifice was required of him. Thus his idolatrous love of wealth was immediately revealed. 23-31. Danger of riches. Mt 19:23-30. Them that trust in riches; by these words the Saviour explains the difficulty that lies in the way of a rich man's salvation, which is the extreme danger that he will trust in his riches; a danger against which nothing but the abundant grace of God can guard him. Great riches vastly increase the difficulties in the way of a man's salvation; and so long as the possessor trusts in them for happiness, his salvation is impossible. Out of measure; greatly, exceedingly. With God all things are possible; he can bring even a rich man to rennounce his dependence on riches, and to trust in the living God. As God is able to show rich men that their wealth belongs to him, and that their happiness here, as well as in the future world, requires them to devote it to his service, all should pray that God will lead them to do this, and thus honor him and promote their own good and that of their fellow-men. For my sake, and the gospel's; from attachment to me and my cause. No one makes sacrifices or performs labors in obedience to Christ, and for the purpose of honoring him, without receiving great benefits in this world, and greater in the world to come. A hundred-fold; blessings a hundred-fold greater than was the sacrifice he is called to make. First; in the enjoyment of outward privileges and blessings.

Last; in Christ's honor, because they have not improved these privileges. Mt 20:16.
Went before them; as their leader. The words indicate the firmness and alacrity with which he went to the sacrifice of himself on the cross.

They were amazed; at the calmness and intrepidity with which he went up to Jerusalem, when he knew the rage and malice of his enemies.

They were afraid; on account of the dangers to which they were exposed.
James and John; their mother, as appears from Matthew, spoke for them. 35-45. Request of Zebedee's sons. Mt 20:20-28. Those who hope to be great in the kingdom of Christ by being exalter to worldly authority and power, will be sadly disappointed. Their seeking greatness by these means shows that they are governed by the spirit of this world, not by the spirit of Christ. Much displeased; the apostles were displeased at the attempts of the sons of Zebedee to obtain superior rank; and Christ showed them, with much plainness, that it was not his will that such rivalry, or even such preeminence among them, should exist. They which are accounted to rule; who have the title of rulers. The way to be great in the kingdom of Christ is open to all; and all who take this way, and perseveringly pursue it, will obtain the prize. 46-52. Blind Bartimeus. Mt 20:29-34. Casting away his garment; his outer garment, that he might more readily go to Jesus. Thy faith hath made thee whole; the blessing which Christ granted is here ascribed to the means of obtaining it, as is often the case in the Bible. Matthew mentions two who were cured. Mark mentions but one. He may have been the more distinguished.
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