Mark 12

1-12. Parable of the vineyeard. Mt 21:33-46. As God is the giver and owner of all our possessions, common honesty requires that they should be employed in his service. A day of reckoning is coming, when Christ will call all men to account for the manner in which they have used the things which he intrusted to them, and will render to each according to his works. This scripture; Ps 118:22. 13-17. Tribute to Cesar. Mt 22:15-22. They marvelled at him; on account of his wisdom in so easily and completely avoiding their snares. As human government is an ordinance of God, and magistrates are his ministers to execute so much of his wrath against evil-doers as is needful to protect those who do well, it is his will that men who enjoy the benefits of government should pay for its support. Magistrates have a right to compensation for their services, and it is as really wicked to defraud the government as it is to defraud individuals. 18-27. Denial of the resurrection. Mt 22:23-33. Wicked men often think that the difficulties which they suggest against revelation justify them in rejecting it. But a better acquaintance with the word of God would show them their folly, and the wisdom of those who receive and obey it. In the bush; the burning bush. Ex 3:6. Do greatly err; in denying the resurrection of the body, which, according to their views, implied also that the soul does not live after death. First commandment of all; the greatest and most important. One Lord; other nations worshipped many gods, but Jehovah, the God of Israel, was the one only living and true God. Neighbor; fellow-man.

There is none other commandment greater than these; rightly understood, they comprehend the substance of true religion.
Is more; more valuable then all merely external observances. Discreetly; like one who had right views of religion.

Not far from the kingdom of God; because he rightly apprehended its spiritual nature, and what the service of God required of him. Some persons are much nearer the kingdom of God than others. Correct views of his character and requirements, with a just estimate of internal rectitude and purity, compared with external observances, tend to prepare the mind for the reception of Christ, and for the devotion of heart and life to his service.
35-37. Christ David's son and Lord. Mt 22:41-46. 38-40. Warning against hypocrisy. Mt 23:1-12. The treasury; the place for money to defray the expenses of the temple service. Jesus Christ is witness to what each one does for his cause. From the privilege and benefit of giving for the promotion of it, none, however poor, need be debarred. The value of their gifts in his estimation, so much on the amount as on the proportion which they give, and their motives in giving. Two mites; a very small sum. More in, than all they; more in proportion to her means--more for her, and more in God's estimation, than all they had given was for them.
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