Mark 5

The other side; the east side of the sea of Galilee. A man; Matthew mentions two demoniacs. Mark mentions but one, and describes his case more fully; probably because it was the more remarkable. Evil spirits are active, and have great influence in the affairs of men. Men may be tempted to disbelieve this, yet all have reason to be sober and vigilant, and steadfastly to resist their adversary the devil, who goeth about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 1Pe 5:8,9. 2-20. Legion of devils. Mt 8:28-34; Mt 26:53. Worshipped him; bowed down before him in acknowledgment of his authority and power. I adjure thee; this was said by the evil spirit, through the mouth of the man. Legion; for the number of the Roman legion, see note on Mt 26:53. The word is here used simply in the sense of a multitude.

We are many; the man speaks, under the influence of the evil spirits, in behalf of all of them. So in the following verse, and Mr 5:12.
All the devils; Luke says many devils were entered into him. Lu 8:30. Sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind; this was evidence that the evil spirits had gone out of him, and that he was cured. Him; Jesus. Men under the power of evil spirits oppose Jesus Christ, and wish him to depart from them. Covetousness leads men to treat him in the same way. Mt 8:34. Prayed him; besought Jesus that he might accompany him. Decapolis; or the land of the ten cities; a country lying east of the river Jordan, but including also Scythopolis and its territory on the western side. None should be afraid or ashamed to acknowledge their indebtedness to Jesus Christ, and at proper times, to make known what he hath done for them, that he may be honored, and that others may apply to him for help. 22-43. Jairus' daughter restored to life. Mt 9:18-26. Virtue; healing power. Thy faith hath made thee whole; this is a specimen of the manner in which the Bible speaks of the effect of means when rightly used; it is designed to encourage men thus to use them. Though pardon and salvation come to us through the Redeemer, and his work is the meritorious ground on which we receive them, yet the exercise, on our part, of faith in him, is the appointed means of obtaining them. The Master; Jesus Christ. Only believe; believe that I am able to restore her to life, and to do what I will. Not dead, but sleepeth; her death, though real, is yet like sleep, in that she shall soon wake to life again. Those who have no faith may scoff at the idea that Jesus Christ is almighty, and able to supply all the wants of his people; they may mock at a reliance on his constant and all-sufficient aid; but in due time his people will find that their most exalted expectations are more than realized. Talitha-cumi; these were two words in Syro-Chaldaic, the language in which Christ spoke, meaning, Damsel, arise. That no man should know it; that they should not publish the particulars of this cure, the time for greater manifestation of himself not having come.
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