Matthew 6

To be seen of them; to gain their applause. The character of external actions is determined by the feelings and motives. They have their reward; they have it all in the applause of men, and receive no reward from God. Thy left hand; let your good deeds be done without ostentation, and without seeking human praise. Prayest; as an individual.

Closet; a private room or retired place. Every one is bound to pray in secret. "Thou" enter into "thy" closet, and pray to "thy" Father.
Vain repetitions; words without meaning, or often repeated without corresponding thoughts and feelings.

Heathen; persons not Jews, nor enlightened as to the character and will of God.

Much speaking; many words, or words often and thoughtlessly repeated. 1Ki 18:26.
After this manner; this model, as to spirit, simplicity, and comprehensiveness.

Our Father; Creator, Preserver, Guardian, and Friend.

Hallowed by thy name; let all the manifestations of thyself be treated with reverence and love. Men are bound to unite with others in prayer, and when praying alone, to remember and pray for them "Pray ye," and say, "Our Father," a form suited to a number of persons. Acceptable prayer is the offering up of our desires for things agreeable to the will of God, in the name of Jesus Christ, with confession of sins, and thankful acknowledgment of his mercies.
Thy kingdom come; reign thou in all hearts, and lead them to do thy will on earth as it is done in heaven. Every person is bound to desire and daily to pray that God should reign in and over him and all people, as he reigns in heaven. Debts; sins.

Debtors; those who have trepassed against us.
Lead us not into temptation; keep us from being tempted, or if tempted, deliver us from the temptation, and from all evil.

Thine is the kingdom; the reign, for the coming of which we pray, is thine; and the glory of its accomplishment will be thine for ever.

Amen; so be it.
An unforgiving temper, if continued, will shut a man out of heaven, and shut him up in hell. Disfigure their faces; by leaving their face unwashed, and their hair and beard undressed. In religious duties, all should be especially careful to avoid ostentation, and the seeking of the praises of men. Anoint thy head; that is, dress and appear as usual. Treasurers; those things which men most love, and which they regard as their chief good. Single; healthy and clear, to discern objects aright. Evil; diseased, and so not seeing things as they are.

If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness; the Saviour now applies to the human mind the figure of the eye which he has just used. If the eye of thy soul be diseased, so that earthly treasurers appear to it better than heavenly, "how great is that darkness!"
Serve; yield to or regard supremely two opposite objects, as are God and this world.

Mammon; wealth, all earthly possessions. What a man regards supremely is his treasure, or his God. If it be any created thing, he has another god before Jehovah, an is, in this sense, an idolater.
Take no thought; no anxious thought, as the original word implies.

More; more valuable.

Meat; any kind of food for the support of the body. The argument is, that he who has given the greater gift, will not withhold the less. Anxiety about future support and comfort in this world is needless, hurtful, and wicked; for present obedience to God will insure all needed good.
Better; more valuable. Unto his stature; better, to his age; that is, by all his anxiety prolong his life a moment beyond his appointed time. For measure, as applied to time, compare Ps 39:4. Cast into the oven; cut down for fuel, and burnt.

Little faith; little confidence in God.
Gentiles; those who know not God.

Knoweth; he is acquainted with your wants, and in the proper use of means, without your anxiety, he will supply them.
See ye first; seek first an interest in the blessings of Christ's righteousness and reign. Chap Mt 3:2.

All these things; all needed good he will bestow.
Shall take thought; the future will bring its supply.
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