Philippians 2

Conflict; with the enemies of the gospel. While the gospel inculcates universal humility and benevolence, it produces these virtues in all who savingly embrace it, and thus shows itself to be divine. Made himself of no reputation; emptied himself; for a time relinquished the glory which he had with the Father before the creation. Highly exalted him; as Mediator, head over all things to his church. Mt 28:18. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow; that all in heaven and on earth should worship him. Mt 4:10; Joh 5:23. Humility and benevolence are peculiarly pleasing to God. The most wondrous exhibition of them was made by Jesus Christ: and those who imitate him will, with him, receive a glorious reward; while the homage which they and all holy creatures will render him, will show that he is God. Work out; by obeying God.

With fear and trembling; lest you should live in sin and fall of eternal life.
Worketh in you; influencing you by his Spirit to do what is pleasing to him. In order to be saved, men must work out their own salvation by faith, love, and obedience, as God has appointed; and the fact that whenever they are inclined to do it, he works in them, and thus influences them to work out their salvation, gives them the greatest encouragement, without delay, to engage in this work. Without rebuke; without doing any thing to deserve rebuke. Holding forth; exhibiting in principle and practice the gospel of Christ.

Not run--neither labored in vain; in the toil and labor bestowed on you.
If I be offered; literally, poured out as a drink-offering; that is, if my blood be thus poured out.

Upon the sacrifice and service of your faith; upon the service of presenting your faith as a sacrifice acceptable to God. The apostle compares himself to a priest ministering spiritually at God's altar, and presenting, as his offering, the faith of the Philippians. Compare note to Ro 15:16.
Rejoice with me; grieve not at my sufferings, or even death for your sakes; but join me in giving thanks to God for it. The holy example of Christians is conclusive evidence of the usefulness of ministers of Christ. For the promotion of it they are willing to labor, to suffer, and if need be to die; rejoicing that they can, even in death, promote so important an object. I trust in the Lord Jesus; Paul trusted in him as the God of providence as well as of grace. No man; no man among those now in attendance upon me.

Like-minded; in his ardent attachment to them, and desire for their good.
All; apparently spoken of those then in attendance on Paul.

Seek their own; selfishness is natural to all, and Paul's companions, though Christians, were only partially delivered from it. All men naturally love themselves with all the heart, and soul, and strength, and mind; but they do not love God. The gospel when embraced dethrones this idol, and leads men supremely to love God, and benevolently to seek the good of their fellow-men.
How it will go; at his trial before the Roman emperor; whether he should be acquitted or condemned. Epaphroditus; he was from Philippi, and had come to Rome to bring assistance to Paul. Chapter Php 4:18. Hold such in reputation; honor those who make such sacrifices in the cause of Christ. To supply your lack of service; that in your absence he might, as your messenger, assist me. Those who at the call of duty make sacrifices and suffer trials in the cause of Christ, and to benefit his friends, are peculiarly dear to him; and for their work's sake, they should be highly esteemed and honored by his people.
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