Revelation of John 22

The city; the heavenly city, the new Jerusalem, the eternal abode of God and his people. Dogs--and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie; a description of various classes of sinners, including all who do not love, believe, and obey the truth. Dogs represent here the rapacious and unclean. Compare Php 3:2. Much of the future misery of the wicked will spring from the character and conduct of their associates. In this world the wicked are mutual tempters; in the world to come they will be mutual tormentors. The root and the offspring of David; these words are commonly interpreted to mean that Christ is the root of David--the ground of his being--in respect to his divine nature; and his offspring in respect to his human nature. Compare Ps 110:1; Mt 22:42-46; Ac 2:34-36. But a comparison with Isa 11:1, to which there is a plain reference, leads rather to the idea that Christ is called the root and offspring of David as growing out of his root; that is, as being his true progeny according to the promises of the Old Testament.

The--morning star; ushering in upon his people the splendors of eternal day.
The bride; the church of Christ.

Come; come unto Christ, and receive freely the blessings of eternal life. Mt 11:28-30; Isa 45:22. As the Holy Spirit, the church, and Jesus Christ invite sinners to come to him, all should accept and echo the invitation, and publish it, as far as possible, in every language of every people, that whosoever will may come to Christ, and receive of him the free, gracious gift of eternal life.
Add unto these things; unto the words of this prophecy; and by parity of reason, shall add to any part of divine revelation what God has not revealed. Take away from the words of--this prophecy; take away a part of what God has revealed, and reject it as not inspired by him. See note to the preceding verse. To attempt to require of men what God does not require, or to absolve them from what he does require, is a great sin, and exposes those who practise it to his endless curse. He; Jesus Christ.

I come quickly; to call each one to give an account of his stewardship, and to enter, according to his conduct and character, on the retributions of eternity. Whatever we do for our own salvation, or that of others, we must do soon; for in the grave to which we are hastening, there is no work. Ec 9:10.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; a desire and prayer that Christ's divine favor might be bestowed upon those for whom the apostle wrote, according to all their wants for time and eternity. However poor, polluted, and wretched any may be, through the grace of Christ and by trusting in him all may be rich, holy, and happy for ever. May his grace be the portion of the writer, and all the readers, for the Redeemer's sake; and to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost shall be the glory for ever. Amen.
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