Revelation of John 7

After these things; after the events of the sixth seal.

The four corners; east, west, north, and south.

Holding the four winds; restraining the fury of human passions, and producing a period of calmness and quiet.
Ascending from the east; perhaps as the seat of the rising sun.

Having the seal; to mark the servants of God, that they might be distinguished from others.
Hurt not; let not the troubles come till we have placed God's seal or mark upon his people. Desolating judgments are often delayed for a season, to give opportunity for the spread of the gospel, and for the gathering in of such as embrace it to the church of Christ. A hundred and forty and four thousand; a definite is here put for an indefinite, but very large number, who had embraced the gospel and were made partakers of divine grace, and thus were sealed by the Holy Spirit to the day of redemption.

Of all the tribes of the children of Israel; Israel is here "the Israel of God," including all, whether Jews or Gentiles, who are Abraham's children in a spiritual sense. In the enumeration of the twelve tribes that follows, Dan is omitted, and Joseph is reckoned once in Manasses and again for Ephraim. None are secure from coming wrath, except those who are born of God, who manifest the fruits of his Spirit, and are thus distinguished as belonging to him.
Stood before the throne; saved through the preaching of the gospel, not from among the Jews only, but from all nations; showing the spiritual progress of the gospel during the events that have been symbolically set forth.

Palms; in token of their victory over sin, sorrow, and death.
Saints in heaven take a deep interest in the concerns, and greatly rejoice in the triumphs of saints on earth, and with them unite in ascribing the glory of their salvation to God and to the Lamb. Worshipped God; in view of the wondrous manifestation of himself in the salvation of his people. Blessing--and might; notice again the number seven, as in chap Re 5:12. What; who.

These; the redeemed sinners whom John saw in heaven.
Great tribulation; distressing trials which they endured on account of their religion.

Made them white in the blood of the Lamb; cleansed from sin and made righteous, through faith in the atoning blood and perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ.
Therefore; on account of their union by faith to Jesus Christ, and its effects in purifying their hearts and preparing them for heaven. The ground of human salvation is the atonement of Christ, and faith in him is the means of obtaining it. This is acknowledged by saints on earth and in heaven. Hunger no more; endure no more evils of any kind. Wipe away all tears; remove all sorrows, and fill them with perfect joy for ever.
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