Acts 23

And Paul, looking the sanhedrim in the face, said, Men, brethren, I have lived in all good conscience before God unto this day. And the high priest Ananias commanded those standing near him to smite him in the mouth. Then Paul said to him, God is about to smite thee, thou whitewashed wall: indeed thou art sitting judging me according to the law, and dost thou command me to be smitten contrary to the law? And those standing by said, Do you revile the high priest of God? And Paul said, Brethren, I did not know that he is the high priest; for it is written, You shall not speak evil of the ruler of your people. And Paul knowing that one part of them belongs to the Sadducees, and another to the Pharisees, he cried out in the council, Men, brethren, I am a Pharisee, a son of the Pharisees: concerning the hope and the resurrection of the dead I am judged. And he speaking this, there was a dissension of the Pharisees and Sadducees: and the multitude was divided. For the Sadducees indeed say that there is no resurrection, neither angel, nor spirit: but the Pharisees confess both. And there was a great clamor: and certain ones of the scribes on the part of the Pharisees, rising up, continued to strive, saying, We find nothing evil in this man: but has a spirit or an angel spoken to him? 10 And the dissension being great, the chiliarch fearing lest Paul may be torn to pieces by them, commanded the army, having gone down, to take him from their midst, and lead him into the castle. 11 And on the following night, the Lord standing over him, said, Take courage: for as thou hast testified to the things concerning me in Jerusalem, so it behooveth thee also to testify to me in Rome. 12 And it being day, the Jews having formed a conspiracy, obligated themselves by an oath, saying that they would neither eat nor drink until they might kill Paul. 13 And there were more than forty having made this plot: 14 who, having come to the chief priests and elders, said, We have anathematized ourselves with an anathema, to taste nothing until we may kill Paul. 15 Now therefore do you appeal to the chiliarch along with the sanhedrim, that he may lead him down to you, as about to investigate matters concerning him more thoroughly: and we are ready to kill him before he comes nigh. 16 And the son of Paul's sister, having heard of ambuscade, coming and entering into the castle, reported it to Paul. 17 And Paul, having called one of the centurions, said, Lead this young man to the chiliarch: for he has something to tell him. 18 Then indeed taking him, he led him to the chiliarch, and says, Paul the prisoner, having called me, requested me to lead this young man to you, having something to tell you. 19 And the chiliarch taking him by the hand, and having gone away privately, asked him, What is that which you have to tell me? 20 And he said, The Jews have entered into an agreement to ask you that to-morrow you may lead Paul to the sanhedrim, as about to make inquiry as to something more definite concerning him. 21 Therefore do not be persuaded by them: for more than forty of them lie in wait for him, who have obligated themselves by an oath, neither to eat nor drink until they may kill him: and now they are ready, awaiting the promise from you. 22 Then indeed the chiliarch sent away the young man, having commanded him to Tell no one that you have revealed these things to me. 23 And having called a certain two of the centurions, he said, Get ready two hundred soldiers that they may go unto Caesarea, and seventy horsemen, and two hundred spearmen, from the third hour of the night; 24 and prepare beasts of burden, that, having carried away Paul, you may deliver him safe to Felix the governor. 25 Writing a letter having this form: 26 Claudius Lysias to the most noble governor Felix, greeting. 27 This man, having been taken by the Jews, and being about to be put to death by them, having interposed with my army, I took out of their hands, having learned that he is a Roman: 28 and wishing to know the cause on account of which they clamored against him, I led him into their sanhedrim: 29 whom I found accused concerning questions of their law, having no charge worthy of death or bonds. 30 And a plot from them being revealed to me to be against the man, I sent him to thee, having commanded his accusers also to speak in thy presence. 31 Then indeed the soldiers, according to that which had been commanded them, taking Paul led him by night to Antipatris: 32 And on the following day letting the cavalry go on with him, they returned to the castle. 33 Who, having come into Caesarea, and delivered the letter to the governor, also committed Paul to him. 34 And having read, and made inquiry of what jurisdiction, 35 and ascertaining that he is from Cilicia, said, I will hear thee, when thy accusers may also be present, having commanded that he should be kept in Herod's judgment hall.
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