Psalms 121


     Ps 121:1-8. God's guardian care of His people celebrated.

     1. I will lift up mine eyes—expresses desire (compare Ps 25:1), mingled with expectation. The last clause, read as a question, is answered,

     2. by avowing God to be the helper, of whose ability His creative power is a pledge (Ps 115:15), to which,

     3, 4. His sleepless vigilance is added.

      to be moved—(Compare Ps 38:16; 66:9).

     5. upon thy right hand—a protector's place (Ps 109:31; 110:5).

     6-8. God keeps His people at all times and in all perils.

      nor the moon by night—poetically represents the dangers of the night, over which the moon presides (Ge 1:16).

     8. thy going out, &c.—all thy ways (De 28:19; Ps 104:23).

      evermore—includes a future state.

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