Psalms 15


     Ps 15:1-5. Those who are fit for communion with God may be known by a conformity to His law, which is illustrated in various important particulars.

     1. abide—or, "sojourn" (compare Ps 5:4), where it means under God's protection here, as (Ps 23:6, 27:4, 6) communion.

      tabernacle—seat of the ark (2Sa 6:17), the symbol of God's presence.

      holy hill—(Compare Ps 2:6).

     2. walketh—(Compare Ps 1:1).

      uprightly—in a complete manner, as to all parts of conduct (Ge 17:1), not as to degree.

      worketh—or, "does."

      righteousness—what is right.

      in his heart—sincerely (Pr 23:7).

     3. He neither slanders nor spreads slander.

     4. Love and hate are regulated by a regard to God.

      sweareth . . . hurt—or what so results (compare Le 5:4).

     5. (Compare Le 25:37; De 23:19, 20).

      usury is derived from a verb meaning "to bite." All gains made by the wrongful loss of others are forbidden.

      taketh reward, &c.—The innocent would not otherwise be condemned (compare Ex 23:8; De 16:19). Bribery of all sorts is denounced.

      doeth these, &c.—Such persons admitted to God's presence and favor shall never be moved (Ps 10:6; 13:5).

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