Colossians 4


Preface To The Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Colossians

(1546 and 1522)

As the Epistle to the Galatians resembles and is modeled on the Epistle to the Romans, and comprises in outline the same material that is farther and more richly developed there; so this Epistle resembles that to the Ephesians and comprises in outline the same contents.

First, he praises the Colossians, and hopes that they may abide and increase in faith and love. He sketches out what the Gospel and faith are; namely, a wisdom which recognizes Christ as Lord and God, crucified for us, concealed from the world, but now manifested through His work. That is chapter 1.

In chapter 2, he warns them against the doctrines of men, which are always contrary to faith and depicts these doctrines as they are depicted nowhere else in Scripture, and criticizes them in masterly fashion.

In chapter 3, he exhorts them to he fruitful in the pure faith, doing all sorts of good works for one another; and he describes the works that belong to each station in life.

In chapter 4, he commends himself to their prayers, and gives them greetings and encouragement.

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