Micah 6

Preface To The Prophet Micah


The prophet Micah lived at the time of Isaiah. He even uses the words of the other prophet, in Chapter 2, and thus one notes that prophets who lived at the same time used almost the same words in preaching of Christ, as though they had consulted.

He is one of the fine prophets, who rebukes the people severely for their idolatry, and constantly refers to the coming of Christ and His Kingdom. In one respect he is unique among the prophets, for he points with certainty to Bethlehem, naming it as the town where Christ was to be born. For this reason, he was famous under the Old Covenant, as Matthew shows, in Matthew 2:6.

He denounces, he prophesies, he preaches; but he believes that in the end, even though Israel and Judah have to go to pieces, Christ will come and make it all good. So, too, we now have to rebuke, denounce, encourage, and preach, and then say, “Even though all be lost, Christ will come at the Last Day and help us out of all misfortune.”

In the first chapter, he is difficult, and uses many allusions
i.e., Plays on words. Luther furnishes several illustrations in Hebrew and German, which are without point when translated.
... The grammarians will note that and observe the pains that we have taken.

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