1 Chronicles 11

* David raised to the throne. (1-9) A list of David's mighty

men. (10-47)

1-9 David was brought to possess the throne of Israel after he

had reigned seven years in Hebron, over Judah only. God's

counsels will be fulfilled at last, whatever difficulties lie in

the way. The way to be truly great, is to be really useful, to

devote all our talents to the Lord.
10-47 An account is given of David's worthies, the great men

who served him. Yet David reckoned his success, not as from the

mighty men that were with him, but from the mighty God, whose

presence is all in all. In strengthening him, they strengthened

themselves and their own interest, for his advancement was

theirs. We shall gain by what we do in our places for the

support of the kingdom of the Son of David; and those that are

faithful to Him, shall find their names registered much more to

their honour, than these are in the records of fame.

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