1 Chronicles 13

* David consults about the ark. (1-5) The removal of the ark.


1-5 David said not, What magnificent thing shall I do now? or,

What pleasant thing? but, What pious thing? that he might have

the comfort and benefit of that sacred oracle. Let us bring the

ark to us, that it may be a blessing to us. Those who honour

God, profit themselves. It is the wisdom of those setting out in

the world, to take God's ark with them. Those are likely to go

on in the favour of God, who begin in the fear of God.
6-14 Let the sin of Uzza warn all to take heed of presumption,

rashness, and irreverence, in dealing with holy things; and let

none think that a good design will justify a bad action. Let the

punishment of Uzza teach us not to dare to trifle with God in

our approaches to him; yet let us, through Christ, come boldly

to the throne of grace. If the gospel be to some a savour of

death unto death, as the ark was to Uzza, yet let us receive it

in the love of it, and it will be to us a savour of life unto


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