1 Chronicles 16

* The solemnity with which the ark was fixed. (1-6) David's

psalm of praise. (7-36) Setting in order the worship of God.


1-6 Though God's word and ordinances may be clouded and

eclipsed for a time, they shall shine out of obscurity. This was

but a tent, a humble dwelling, yet this was the tabernacle which

David, in his psalms, often speaks of with so much affection.

David showed himself generous to his subjects, as he had found

God gracious to him. Those whose hearts are enlarged with holy

joy, should show it by being open-handed.
7-36 Let God be glorified in our praises. Let others be edified

and taught, that strangers to him may be led to adore him. Let

us ourselves triumph and trust in God. Those that give glory to

God's name are allowed to glory in it. Let the everlasting

covenant be the great matter of our joy his people of old, be

remembered by us with thankfulness to him. Show forth from day

to day his salvation, his promised salvation by Christ. We have

reason to celebrate that from day to day; for we daily receive

the benefit, and it is a subject that can never be exhausted. In

the midst of praises, we must not forget to pray for the

servants of God in distress.
37-43 The worship of God ought to be the work of every day.

David put it into order. At Jerusalem, where the ark was, Asaph

and his brethren were to minister before the ark continually,

with songs of praise. No sacrifices were offered there, nor

incense burnt, because the altars were not there; but David's

prayers were directed as incense, and the lifting up of his

hands as the evening sacrifice. So early did spiritual worship

take place of ceremonial. Yet the ceremonial worship, being of

Divine institution, must by no means be omitted; therefore at

Gibeon, at the altars, the priests attended; for their work was

to sacrifice and burn incense; and that they did continually,

morning and evening, according to the law of Moses. As the

ceremonies were types of the mediation of Christ, the observance

of them was of great consequence. The attendance of his

appointed ministers is right in itself, and encourages the


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