1 Chronicles 23

* David declares Solomon his successor. (1-23) The office of the

Levites. (24-32)

1-23 David, having given charge concerning the building of the

temple, settles the method of the temple service, and orders the

officers of it. When those of the same family were employed

together, it would engage them to love and assist one another.
24-32 Now the people of Israel were so many, there should be

more employed in the temple service, that every Israelite who

brought an offering might find a Levite ready to help him. When

more work is to be done, it is pity but there should be more

workmen. A new heart, a spiritual mind, which delights greatly

in God's commandments, and can find a refreshing feast in his

ordinances, forms the great distinction between the true

Christian and all other men in the world. To the spiritual man

every service will yield satisfaction. He will be ever abounding

in the work of the Lord; being never so happy as when employed

for such a good Master, in so pleasant a service. He will not

regard whether he is called to take the lead, or to keep the

charge of others who are placed over him. May we seek and serve

the Lord uprightly, and leave all the rest to his disposal, by

faith in his word.

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