1 Kings 3

* Solomon's marriage. (1-4) His vision, His prayer for wisdom.

(5-15) The judgment of Solomon. (16-28)

1-4 He that loved the Lord, should, for his sake, have fixed

his love upon one of the Lord's people. Solomon was a wise man,

a rich man, a great man; yet the brightest praise of him, is

that which is the character of all the saints, even the poorest,

"He loved the Lord." Where God sows plentifully, he expects to

reap accordingly; and those that truly love God and his worship,

will not grudge the expenses of their religion. We must never

think that wasted which is laid out in the service of God.
5-15 Solomon's dream was not a common one. While his bodily

powers were locked up in sleep, the powers of his soul were

strengthened; he was enabled to receive the Divine vision, and

to make a suitable choice. God, in like manner, puts us in the

ready way to be happy, by assuring us we shall have what we

need, and pray for. Solomon's making such a choice when asleep,

and the powers of reason least active, showed it came from the

grace of God. Having a humble sense of his own wants and

weakness, he pleads, Lord, I am but a little child. The more

wise and considerate men are, the better acquainted they are

with their own weakness, and the more jealous of themselves.

Solomon begs of God to give him wisdom. We must pray for it,

#Jas 1:5|, that it may help us in our particular calling, and

the various occasions we have. Those are accepted of God, who

prefer spiritual blessings to earthly good. It was a prevailing

prayer, and prevailed for more than he asked. God gave him

wisdom, such as no other prince was ever blessed with; and also

gave him riches and honour. If we make sure of wisdom and grace,

these will bring outward prosperity with them, or sweeten the

want of it. The way to get spiritual blessings, is to wrestle

with God in prayer for them. The way to get earthly blessings,

is to refer ourselves to God concerning them. Solomon has wisdom

given him, because he did ask it, and wealth, because he did

16-28 An instance of Solomon's wisdom is given. Notice the

difficulty of the case. To find out the true mother, he could

not try which the child loved best, and therefore tried which

loved the child best: the mother's sincerity will be tried, when

the child is in danger. Let parents show their love to their

children, especially by taking care of their souls, and

snatching them as brands out of the burning. By this and other

instances of the wisdom with which God endued him, Solomon had

great reputation among his people. This was better to him than

weapons of war; for this he was both feared and loved.

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