1 Kings 4

* Solomon's court. (1-19) Solomon's dominions, His daily

provision. (20-28) The wisdom of Solomon. (29-34)

1-19 In the choice of the great officers of Solomon's court, no

doubt, his wisdom appeared. Several are the same that were in

his father's time. A plan was settled by which no part of the

country was exhausted to supply his court, though each sent its

20-28 Never did the crown of Israel shine so bright, as when

Solomon wore it. He had peace on all sides. Herein, his kingdom

was a type of the Messiah's; for to Him it is promised that he

shall have the heathen for his inheritance, and that princes

shall worship him. The spiritual peace, and joy, and holy

security, of all the faithful subjects of the Lord Jesus, were

typified by that of Israel. The kingdom of God is not, as

Solomon's was, meat and drink, but, what is infinitely better,

righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. The vast

number of his attendants, and the great resort to him, are shown

by the provision daily made. Herein Christ far outdoes Solomon,

that he feeds all his subjects, not with the bread that

perishes, but with that which endures to eternal life.
29-34 Solomon's wisdom was more his glory than his wealth. He

had what is here called largeness of heart, for the heart is

often put for the powers of the mind. He had the gift of

utterance, as well as wisdom. It is very desirable, that those

who have large gifts of any kind, should have large hearts to

use them for the good of others. What treasures of wisdom and

knowledge are lost! But every sort of knowledge that is needful

for salvation is to be found in the holy Scriptures. There came

persons from all parts, who were more eager after knowledge than

their neighbours, to hear the wisdom of Solomon. Solomon was

herein a type of Christ, in whom are hid all treasures of wisdom

and knowledge; and hid for us, for he is made of God to us,

wisdom. Christ's fame shall spread through all the earth, and

men of all nations shall come to him, learn of him, and take

upon them his easy yoke, and find rest for their souls.

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