1 Kings 5

* Solomon's agreement with Hiram. (1-9) Solomon's workmen for

the temple. (10-18)

1-9 Here is Solomon's design to build a temple. There is no

adversary, no Satan, so the word is; no instrument of Satan to

oppose it, or to divert from it. Satan does all he can, to

hinder temple work. When there is no evil abroad, then let us be

ready and active in that which is good, and get forward. Let

God's promises quicken our endeavours. And all outward skill and

advantages should be made serviceable to the interests of

Christ's kingdom. It Tyre supplies Israel with craftsmen, Israel

will supply Tyre with corn, #Eze 27:17|. Thus, by the wise

disposal of Providence, one country has need of another, and is

benefitted by another, that there may be dependence on one

another, to the glory of God.
10-18 The temple was chiefly built by the riches and labour of

Gentiles, which typified their being called into the church.

Solomon commanded, and they brought costly stones for the

foundation. Christ, who is laid for a Foundation, is a chosen

and precious Stone. We should lay our foundation firm, and

bestow most pains on that part of our religion which lies out of

the sight of men. And happy those who, as lively stones, are

built up a spiritual house, for a habitation of God through the

Spirit. Who among us will build in the house of the Lord?

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