1 Kings 6

* The building of Solomon's temple. (1-10) Promise given

concerning the temple. (11-14) Particulars respecting the

temple. (15-38)

1-10 The temple is called the house of the Lord, because it was

directed and modelled by him, and was to be employed in his

service. This gave it the beauty of holiness, that it was the

house of the Lord, which was far beyond all other beauties. It

was to be the temple of the God of peace, therefore no iron tool

must be heard; quietness and silence suit and help religious

exercises. God's work should be done with much care and little

noise. Clamour and violence often hinder, but never further the

work of God. Thus the kingdom of God in the heart of man grows

up in silence, #Mr 5:27|.
11-14 None employ themselves for God, without having his eye

upon them. But God plainly let Solomon know that all the charge

for building this temple, would neither excuse from obedience to

the law of God, nor shelter from his judgments, in case of

15-38 See what was typified by this temple. 1. Christ is the

true Temple. In him dwells all the fulness of the Godhead; in

him meet all God's spiritual Israel; through him we have access

with confidence to God. 2. Every believer is a living temple, in

whom the Spirit of God dwells, #1Co 3:16|. This living temple is

built upon Christ as its Foundation, and will be perfect in due

time. 3. The gospel church is the mystical temple. It grows to a

holy temple in the Lord, enriched and beautified with the gifts

and graces of the Spirit. This temple is built firm, upon a

Rock. 4. Heaven is the everlasting temple. There the church will

be fixed. All that shall be stones in that building, must, in

the present state of preparation, be fitted and made ready for

it. Let sinners come to Jesus as the living Foundation, that

they may be built on him, a part of this spiritual house,

consecrated in body and soul to the glory of God.

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