1 Kings 7

* Solomon's buildings. (1-12) Furniture of the temple. (13-47)

Vessels of gold. (48-51)

1-12 All Solomon's buildings, though beautiful, were intended

for use. Solomon began with the temple; he built for God first,

and then his other buildings. The surest foundations of lasting

prosperity are laid in early piety. He was thirteen years

building his house, yet he built the temple in little more than

seven years; not that he was more exact, but less eager in

building his own house, than in building God's. We ought to

prefer God's honour before our own ease and satisfaction.
13-47 The two brazen pillars in the porch of the temple, some

think, were to teach those that came to worship, to depend upon

God only, for strength and establishment in all their religious

exercises. "Jachin," God will fix this roving mind. It is good

that the heart be established with grace. "Boaz," In him is our

strength, who works in us both to will and to do. Spiritual

strength and stability are found at the door of God's temple,

where we must wait for the gifts of grace, in use of the means

of grace. Spiritual priests and spiritual sacrifices must be

washed in the laver of Christ's blood, and of regeneration. We

must wash often, for we daily contract pollution. There are full

means provided for our cleansing; so that if we have our lot for

ever among the unclean it will be our own fault. Let us bless

God for the fountain opened by the sacrifice of Christ for sin

and for uncleanness.
48-51 Christ is now the Temple and the Builder; the Altar and

the Sacrifice; the Light of our souls, and the Bread of life;

able to supply all the wants of all that have applied or shall

apply to him. Outward images cannot represent, words cannot

express, the heart cannot conceive, his preciousness or his

love. Let us come to him, and wash away our sins in his blood;

let us seek for the purifying grace of his Spirit; let us

maintain communion with the Father through his intercession, and

yield up ourselves and all we have to his service. Being

strengthened by him, we shall be accepted, useful, and happy.

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