1 Samuel 18

* Jonathan's friendship for David. (1-5) Saul seeks to kill

David. (6-11) Saul's fear of David. (12-30)

1-5 The friendship of David and Jonathan was the effect of

Divine grace, which produces in true believers one heart and one

soul, and causes them to love each other. This union of souls is

from partaking in the Spirit of Christ. Where God unites hearts,

carnal matters are too weak to separate them. Those who love

Christ as their own souls, will be willing to join themselves to

him in an everlasting covenant. It was certainly a great proof

of the power of God's grace in David, that he was able to bear

all this respect and honour, without being lifted up above

6-11 David's troubles not only immediately follow his triumphs,

but arise from them; such is the vanity of that which seems

greatest in this world. It is a sign that the Spirit of God is

departed from men, if, like Saul, they are peevish, envious,

suspicious, and ill-natured. Compare David, with his harp in his

hand, aiming to serve Saul, and Saul, with his javelin in his

hand, aiming to slay David; and observe the sweetness and

usefulness of God's persecuted people, and the barbarity of

their persecutors. But David's safety must be ascribed to God's

12-30 For a long time David was kept in continual apprehension

of falling by the hand of Saul, yet he persevered in meek and

respectful behaviour towards his persecutor. How uncommon is

such prudence and discretion, especially under insults and

provocations! Let us inquire if we imitate this part of the

exemplary character before us. Are we behaving wisely in all our

ways? Is there no sinful omission, no rashness of spirit,

nothing wrong in our conduct? Opposition and perverseness in

others, will not excuse wrong tempers in us, but should increase

our care, and attention to the duties of our station. Consider

Him that endured contradiction of sinners against himself, lest

ye be weary and faint in your minds, #Heb 12:3|. If David

magnified the honour of being son-in-law to king Saul, how

should we magnify the honour of being sons to the King of kings!

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