1 Timothy 5

* Directions as to the elder and younger men and women. (1,2)

And as to poor widows. (3-8) Concerning widows. (9-16) The

respect to be paid to elders. Timothy is to take care in

rebuking offenders, in ordaining ministers, and as to his own

health. (17-25)

1,2 Respect must be paid to the dignity of years and place. The

younger, if faulty, must be rebuked, not as desirous to find

fault with them, but as willing to make the best of them. There

is need of much meekness and care in reproving those who deserve

3-8 Honour widows that are widows indeed, relieve them, and

maintain them. It is the duty of children, if their parents are

in need, and they are able to relieve them, to do it to the

utmost of their power. Widowhood is a desolate state; but let

widows trust in the Lord, and continue in prayer. All who live

in pleasure, are dead while they live, spiritually dead, dead in

trespasses and sins. Alas, what numbers there are of this

description among nominal Christians, even to the latest period

of life! If any men or women do not maintain their poor

relations, they in effect deny the faith. If they spend upon

their lusts and pleasures, what should maintain their families,

they have denied the faith, and are worse than infidels. If

professors of the gospel give way to any corrupt principle or

conduct, they are worse than those who do not profess to believe

the doctrines of grace.
9-16 Every one brought into any office in the church, should be

free from just censure; and many are proper objects of charity,

yet ought not to be employed in public services. Those who would

find mercy when they are in distress, must show mercy when they

are in prosperity; and those who show most readiness for every

good work, are most likely to be faithful in whatever is trusted

to them. Those who are idle, very seldom are only idle, they

make mischief among neighbours, and sow discord among brethren.

All believers are required to relieve those belonging to their

families who are destitute, that the church may not be prevented

from relieving such as are entirely destitute and friendless.
17-25 Care must be taken that ministers are maintained. And

those who are laborious in this work are worthy of double honour

and esteem. It is their just due, as much as the reward of the

labourer. The apostle charges Timothy solemnly to guard against

partiality. We have great need to watch at all times, that we do

not partake of other men's sins. Keep thyself pure, not only

from doing the like thyself, but from countenancing it, or any

way helping to it in others. The apostle also charges Timothy to

take care of his health. As we are not to make our bodies

masters, so neither slaves; but to use them so that they may be

most helpful to us in the service of God. There are secret, and

there are open sins: some men's sins are open before-hand, and

going before unto judgment; some they follow after. God will

bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and make known the

counsels of all hearts. Looking forward to the judgment-day, let

us all attend to our proper offices, whether in higher or lower

stations, studying that the name and doctrine of God may never

be blasphemed on our account.

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