2 Chronicles 21

* The wicked reign of Jehoram. (1-11) Jehoram's miserable end.


1-11 Jehoram hated his brethren, and slew them, for the same

reason that Cain hated Abel, and slew him, because their piety

condemned his impiety. In the mystery of Providence such men

sometimes prosper for a time; but the Lord has righteous

purposes in permitting such events, part of which may now be

made out, and the rest will be seen hereafter.
12-20 A warning from God was sent to Jehoram. The Spirit of

prophecy might direct Elijah to prepare this writing in the

foresight of Jehoram's crimes. He is plainly told that his sin

should certainly ruin him. But no marvel that sinners are not

frightened from sin, and to repentance, by the threatenings of

misery in another world, when the certainty of misery in this

world, the sinking of their estates, and the ruin of their

health, will not restrain them from vicious courses. See Jehoram

here stripped of all his comforts. Thus God plainly showed that

the controversy was with him, and his house. He had slain all

his brethren to strengthen himself; now, all his sons are slain

but one. David's house must not be wholly destroyed, like those

of Israel's kings, because a blessing was in it; that of the

Messiah. Good men may be afflicted with diseases; but to them

they are fatherly chastisements, and by the support of Divine

consolations the soul may dwell at ease, even when the body lies

in pain. To be sick and poor, sick and solitary, but especially

to be sick and in sin, sick and under the curse of God, sick and

without grace to bear it, is a most deplorable case. Wickedness

and profaneness make men despicable, even in the eyes of those

who have but little religion.

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