2 Chronicles 25

* Amaziah, king of Judah. (1-13) Amaziah worships the idols of

Edom. (14-16) Amaziah's rash challenge. (17-28)

1-13 Amaziah was no enemy to religion, but cool and indifferent

friend. Many do what is good, but not with a perfect heart.

Rashness makes work for repentance. But Amaziah's obedience to

the command of God was to his honour. A firm belief of God's

all-sufficiency to bear us out in our duty, and to make up all

the loss and damage was sustain in his service, will make his

yoke very easy, and his burden very light. When we are called to

part with any thing for God and our religion, it should satisfy

us, that God is able to give us much more than this. Convinced

sinners, who have not true faith, always object to self-denying

obedience. They are like Amaziah; they say, But what shall we do

for the hundred talents? What shall we do if by keeping the

sabbath holy we lose so many good customers? What shall we do

without this gain? What shall we do if we lose the friendship of

the world? Many endeavour to quiet their consciences by the

pretence that forbidden practices are necessary. The answer is,

as here, The Lord is able to give thee much more than this. He

makes up, even in this world, for all that is given up for his

14-16 To worship the gods of those whom Amaziah had conquered,

who could not help their own worshippers, was the greatest

absurdity. If men would consider how unable all those things are

to help them, to which they look whenever they forsake God, they

would not be such enemies to themselves. The reproof God sent by

a prophet was too just to be answered; themselves. The reproof

God sent by a prophet was too just to be answered; but he was

bidden not to say a word more. The secure sinner rejoices to

have silenced his reprovers and monitors; but what comes of it?

Those that are deaf to reproof, are ripening for destruction.
17-28 Never was a proud prince more thoroughly mortified than

Amaziah by Joash king of Israel. A man's pride will bring him

low, #Pr 29:23|; it goes before his destruction, and deservedly

brings it on. He that exalteth himself shall be abased. He that

goes forth hastily to strive, will not know what he shall do in

the end thereof, when his neighbour has put him to shame, #Pr

25:8|. And what are we when we offer to establish our own

righteousness, or presume to justify ourselves before the Most

High God, but despicable thistles, that fancy themselves stately

cedars? And are not various temptations, is not every

corruption, a wild beast of the desert, which will trample on

the wretched boaster, and tread his haughty pretensions to the

dust? A man's pride shall bring him low; his ruin may be dated

from his turning from the Lord.

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