2 Chronicles 35

* The passover kept by Josiah. (1-19) Josiah slain in battle.


1-19 The destruction Josiah made of idolatry, was more largely

related in the book of Kings. His solemnizing the passover is

related here. The Lord's supper resembles the passover more than

any other of the Jewish festivals; and the due observance of

that ordinance, is a proof of growing piety and devotion. God

alone can truly make our hearts holy, and prepare them for his

holy services; but there are duties belonging to us, in doing

which we obtain this blessing from the Lord.
20-27 The Scripture does not condemn Josiah's conduct in

opposing Pharaoh. Yet Josiah seems to deserve blame for not

inquiring of the Lord after he was warned; his death might be a

rebuke for his rashness, but it was a judgment on a hypocritical

and wicked people. He that lives a life of repentance, faith,

and obedience, cannot be affected by the sudden manner in which

he is removed. The people lamented him. Many mourn over

sufferings, who will not forsake the sins that caused God to

send them. Yet this alone can turn away judgments. If we blame

Josiah's conduct, we should be watchful, lest we be cut down in

a way dishonourable to our profession.

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