2 John 1

1-3 Religion turns compliments into real expressions of respect

and love. And old disciple is honourable; an old apostle and

leader of disciples is more so. The letter is to a noble

Christian matron, and her children; it is well that the gospel

should get among such: some noble persons are called. Families

are to be encouraged and directed in their love and duties at

home. Those who love truth and piety in themselves, should love

it in others; and the Christians loved this lady, not for her

rank, but for her holiness. And where religion truly dwells, it

will abide for ever. From the Divine Persons of the Godhead, the

apostle craves grace, Divine favour, and good-will, the spring

of all good things. It is grace indeed that any spiritual

blessing should be given to sinful mortals. Mercy, free pardon,

and forgiveness; for those already rich in grace, need continual

forgiveness. Peace, quietness of spirit, and a clear conscience,

in assured reconciliation with God, together with all outward

prosperity that is really for good: these are desired in truth

and love.
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