2 Kings 11

* Athaliah usurps the government of Judah, Jehoash made king.

(1-12) Athaliah put to death. (13-16) The worship of the Lord

restored. (17-21)

1-12 Athaliah destroyed all she knew to be akin to the crown.

Jehoash, one of the king's sons, was hid. Now was the promise

made to David bound up in one life only, and yet it did not

fail. Thus to the Son of David, the Lord, according to his

promise, will secure a spiritual seed, hidden sometimes, and

unseen, but hidden in God's pavilion, and unhurt. Six years

Athaliah tyrannized. Then the king was brought forward. A child

indeed, but he had a good guardian, and, what was better, a good

God to go to With such joy and satisfaction must the kingdom of

Christ be welcomed into our hearts, when his throne is set up

there, and Satan the usurper is cast out. Say, Let the King,

even Jesus, live, for ever live and reign in my soul, and in all

the world.
13-16 Athaliah hastened her own destruction. She herself was

the greatest traitor, and yet was first and loudest in crying,

Treason, treason! The most guilty are commonly the most forward

to reproach others.
17-21 King and people would cleave most firmly to each other,

when both had joined themselves to the Lord. It is well with a

people, when all the changes that pass over them help to revive,

strengthen, and advance the interests of religion among them.

Covenants are of use, both to remind us of, and bind us to, the

duties already binding on us. They immediately abolished

idolatry; and, pursuant to the covenant with one another, they

expressed mutual readiness to help each other. The people

rejoiced, and Jerusalem was quiet. The way for people to be

joyful and at peace, is to engage fully in the service of God;

for the voice of joy and thanksgiving is in the dwellings of the

righteous, but there is no peace for the wicked.

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