2 Kings 12

* Jehoash orders the repair of the temple. (1-16) He is slain by

his servants. (17-21)

1-16 It is a great mercy to young people, especially to all

young men of rank, like Jehoash, to have those about them who

will instruct them to do what is right in the sight of the Lord;

and they do wisely and well for themselves, when willing to be

counselled and ruled. The temple was out of repair; Jehoash

orders the repair of the temple. The king was zealous. God

requires those who have power, to use it for the support of

religion, the redress of grievances, and repairing of decays.

The king employed the priests to manage, as most likely to be

hearty in the work. But nothing was done effectually till the

twenty-third year of his reign. Another method was therefore

taken. When public distributions are made faithfully, public

contributions will be made cheerfully. While they were getting

all they could for the repair of the temple, they did not break

in upon the stated maintenance of the priests. Let not the

servants of the temple be starved, under colour of repairing the

breaches of it. Those that were intrusted did the business

carefully and faithfully. They did not lay it out in ornaments

for the temple, till the other work was completed; hence we may

learn, in all our expenses, to prefer that which is most

needful, and, in dealing for the public, to deal as we would for

17-21 Let us review the character of Jehoash, and consider what

we may learn from it. When we see what a sad conclusion there

was to so promising a beginning, it ought to make us seek into

our spiritual declinings. If we know any thing of Christ as the

foundation of our faith and hope, let us desire to know nothing

but Christ. May the work of the blessed Spirit on our souls be

manifest; may we see, feel, and be earnest, in seeking after

Jesus in all his fulness, suitableness, and grace, that our

souls may be brought over from dead works to serve the living

and true God.

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