2 Kings 17

* Reign of Hoshea in Israel, The israelites carried captives by

the Assyrians. (1-6) Captivity of the Israelites. (7-23) The

nations placed in the land of Israel. (24-41)

1-6 When the measure of sin is filled up, the Lord will forbear

no longer. The inhabitants of Samaria must have endured great

affliction. Some of the poor Israelites were left in the land.

Those who were carried captives to a great distance, were mostly

lost among the nations.
7-23 Though the destruction of the kingdom of the ten tribes

was but briefly related, it is in these verses largely commented

upon, and the reasons of it given. It was destruction from the

Almighty: the Assyrian was but the rod of his anger, #Isa 10:5|.

Those that bring sin into a country or family, bring a plague

into it, and will have to answer for all the mischief that

follows. And vast as the outward wickedness of the world is, the

secret sins, evil thoughts, desires, and purposes of mankind are

much greater. There are outward sins which are marked by infamy;

but ingratitude, neglect, and enmity to God, and the idolatry

and impiety which proceed therefrom, are far more malignant.

Without turning from every evil way, and keeping God's statutes,

there can be no true godliness; but this must spring from belief

of his testimony, as to wrath against all ungodliness and

unrighteousness, and his mercy in Christ Jesus.
24-41 The terror of the Almighty will sometimes produce a

forced or feigned submission in unconverted men; like those

brought from different countries to inhabit Israel. But such

will form unworthy thoughts of God, will expect to please him by

outward forms, and will vainly try to reconcile his service with

the love of the world and the indulgence of their lusts. May

that fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom, possess

our hearts, and influence our conduct, that we may be ready for

every change. Wordly settlements are uncertain; we know not

whither we may be driven before we die, and we must soon leave

the world; but the righteous hath chosen that good part which

shall not be taken from him.

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