2 Kings 9

* Elisha sends to anoint Jehu. (1-10) Jehu and the captains.

(11-15) Joram and Ahaziah slain by Jehu. (16-29) Jezebel eaten

by dogs. (30-37)

1-10 In these and the like events, we must acknowledge the

secret working of God, disposing men to fulfil his purposes

respecting them. Jehu was anointed king over Israel, by the

Lord's special choice. The Lord still had a remnant of his

people, and would yet preserve his worship among them. Of this

Jehu was reminded. He was commanded to destroy the house of

Ahab, and, as far as he acted in obedience to God, and upon

right principles, he needed not to regard reproach or

opposition. The murder of God's prophets is strongly noticed.

Jezebel persisted in idolatry and enmity to Jehovah and his

servants, and her iniquity was now full.
11-15 Those who faithfully deliver the Lord's message to

sinners, have in all ages been treated as madmen. Their

judgment, speech, and conduct are contrary to those of other

men; they endure much in pursuit of objects, and are influenced

by motives, into which the others cannot enter. But above all,

the charge is brought by the worldly and ungodly of all sorts,

who are mad indeed; while the principles and practice of the

devoted servants of God, prove to be wise and reasonable. Some

faith in the word of God, seems to have animated Jehu to this

16-29 Jehu was a man of eager spirit. The wisdom of God is seen

in the choice of those employed in his work. But it is not for

any man's reputation to be known by his fury. He that has rule

over his own spirit, is better than the mighty. Joram met Jehu

in the portion of Naboth. The circumstances of events are

sometimes ordered by Divine Providence to make the punishment

answer to the sin, as face answers to face in a glass. The way

of sin can never be the way of peace, #Isa 57:21|. What peace

can sinners have with God? No peace so long as sin is persisted

in; but when it is repented of and forsaken, there is peace.

Joram died as a criminal, under the sentence of the law. Ahaziah

was joined with the house of Ahab. He was one of them; he had

made himself so by sin. It is dangerous to join evil-doers; we

shall be entangled in guilt and misery by it.
30-37 Instead of hiding herself, as one afraid of Divine

vengeance, Jezebel mocked at fear. See how a heart, hardened

against God, will brave it out to the last. There is not a surer

presage of ruin, than an unhumbled heart under humbling

providences. Let those look at Jezebel's conduct and fate, who

use arts to seduce others to commit wickedness, and to draw them

aside from the ways of truth and righteousness. Jehu called for

aid against Jezebel. When reformation-work is on foot, it is

time to ask, Who sides with it? Her attendants delivered her up.

Thus she was put to death. See the end of pride and cruelty, and

say, The Lord is righteous. When we pamper our bodies, let us

think how vile they are; shortly they will be a feast for worms

under ground, or beasts above ground. May we all flee from that

wrath which is revealed from heaven, against all ungodliness and

unrighteousness of men.

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