2 Samuel 17

* Ahithophel's counsel overthrown. (1-21) He hangs himself,

Absalom pursues David. (22-29)

1-21 Here was a wonderful effect of Divine Providence blinding

Absalom's mind and influencing his heart, that he could not rest

in Ahithophel's counsel, and that he should desire Hushai's

advice. But there is no contending with that God who can arm a

man against himself, and destroy him by his own mistakes and

passions. Ahithophel's former counsel was followed, for God

intended to correct David; but his latter counsel was not

followed, for God meant not to destroy him. He can overrule all

counsels. Whatever wisdom or help any man employs or affords,

the success is from God alone, who will not let his people

22-29 Ahithophel hanged himself for vexation that his counsel

was not followed. That will break a proud man's heart which will

not break a humble man's sleep. He thought himself in danger,

concluding, that, because his counsel was not followed,

Absalom's cause would fail; and to prevent a possible public

execution, he does justice upon himself. Thus the breath is

stopped, and the head laid low, from which nothing could be

expected but mischief. Absalom chased his father. But observe

how God sometimes makes up to his people that comfort from

strangers, which they are disappointed of in their own families.

Our King needs not our help; but he assures us, that what we do

for the least of his brethren, who are sick, poor, and

destitute, shall be accepted and recompensed as if done to


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