2 Samuel 19

* Joab causes David to cease mourning. (1-8) David returns to

Jordan. (9-15) He pardons Shimei. (16-23) Mephibosheth excused.

(24-30) David's parting with Barzillai. (31-39) Israel quarrels

with Judah. (40-43)

1-8 To continue to lament for so bad a son as Absalom, was very

unwise, and very unworthy. Joab censures David, but not with

proper respect and deference to his sovereign. A plain case may

be fairly pleaded with those above us, and they may be reproved

for what they do amiss, but it must not be with rudeness and

insolence. Yet David took the reproof and the counsel, prudently

and mildly. Timely giving way, usually prevents the ill effects

of mistaken measures.
9-15 God's providence, by the priests' persuasions and Amasa's

interest, brought the people to resolve the recall of the king.

David stirred not till he received this invitation. Our Lord

Jesus will rule in those that invite him to the throne in their

hearts, and not till he is invited. He first bows the heart, and

makes it willing in the day of his power, then rules in the

midst of his enemies, #Ps 110:2,3|.
16-23 Those who now slight and abuse the Son of David, would be

glad to make their peace when he shall come in his glory; but it

will be too late. Shimei lost no time. His abuse had been

personal, and with the usual right feeling of good men, David

could more easily forgive it.
24-30 David recalls the forfeiture of Mephibosheth's estate;

and he expressed joy for the king's return. A good man

contentedly bears his own losses, while he sees Israel in peace,

and the Son of David exalted.
31-39 Barzillai thought he had done himself honour in doing the

king any service. Thus, when the saints shall be called to

inherit the kingdom, they will be amazed at the recompence being

so very far beyond the service, #Mt 25:37|. A good man would not

go any where to be burdensome; or, will rather be so to his own

house than to another's. It is good for all, but especially

becomes old people, to think and speak much of dying. The grave

is ready for me, let me go and get ready for it.
40-43 The men of Israel though themselves despised, and the

fiercer words of the men of Judah produced very bad effects.

Much evil might be avoided, if men would watch against pride,

and remember that a soft answer turneth away wrath. Though we

have right and reason on our side, if we speak it with

fierceness, God is displeased.

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