2 Samuel 23

* David's last words. (1-7) David's mighty men. (8-39)

1-7 These words of David are very worthy of regard. Let those

who have had long experience of God's goodness, and the

pleasantness of heavenly wisdom, when they come to finish their

course, bear their testimony to the truth of the promise. David

avows his Divine inspiration, that the Spirit of God spake by

him. He, and other holy men, spake and wrote as they were moved

by the Holy Ghost. In many things he had his own neglect and

wrong conduct to blame. But David comforted himself that the

Lord had made with him an everlasting covenant. By this he

principally intended the covenant of mercy and peace, which the

Lord made with him as a sinner, who believed in the promised

Saviour, who embraced the promised blessing, who yielded up

himself to the Lord, to be his redeemed servant. Believers shall

for ever enjoy covenant blessings; and God the Father, Son, and

Holy Ghost, shall be for ever glorified in their salvation. Thus

pardon, righteousness, grace, and eternal life, are secured as

the gift of God through Jesus Christ. There is an infinite

fulness of grace and all blessings treasured up in Christ, for

those who seek his salvation. This covenant was all David's

salvation, he so well knew the holy law of God and the extent of

his own sinfulness, that he perceived what was needful for his

own case in this salvation. It was therefore all his desire. In

comparison, all earthly objects lost their attractions; he was

willing to give them up, or to die and leave them, that he might

enjoy full happiness, #Ps 73:24-28|. Still the power of evil,

and the weakness of his faith, hope, and love, were his grief

and burden. Doubtless he would have allowed that his own

slackness and want of care were the cause; but the hope that he

should soon be made perfect in glory, encouraged him in his

dying moments.
8-39 David once earnestly longed for the water at the well of

Bethlehem. It seems to be an instance of weakness. He was

thirsty; with the water of that well he had often refreshed

himself when a youth, and it was without due thought that he

desired it. Were his valiant men so forward to expose

themselves, upon the least hint of their prince's mind, and so

eager to please him, and shall not we long to approve ourselves

to our Lord Jesus, by ready compliance with his will, as shown

us by his word, Spirit, and providence? But David poured out the

water as a drink-offering to the Lord. Thus he would cross his

own foolish fancy, and punish himself for indulging it, and show

that he had sober thoughts to correct his rash ones, and knew

how to deny himself. Did David look upon that water as very

precious which was got at the hazard of these men's blood, and

shall not we much more value those benefits for purchasing which

our blessed Saviour shed his blood? Let all beware of neglecting

so great salvation.

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