2 Samuel 4

* Ishbosheth murdered. (1-7) David puts to death the murderers.


1-7 See how Ishbosheth was murdered! When those difficulties

dispirit us, which should sharpen our endeavours, we betray both

our heavenly crowns and our earthly lives. Love not sleep, lest

thou come to poverty and ruin. The idle soul is an easy prey to

the destroyer. We know not when and where death will meet us.

When we lie down to sleep, we are not sure that we may not sleep

the sleep of death before we awake; nor do we know from what

hand the death-blow may come.
8-12 A person may be glad to obtain his just wishes, and yet

really regret the means by which he receives them. He may be

sorry for the death of a person by which he is a gainer. These

men shed innocent blood, from the basest motives. David justly

executed vengeance upon them. He would not be beholden to any to

help him by unlawful practices. God had helped him over many a

difficulty, and through many a danger, therefore he depended

upon him to crown and complete his own work. He speaks of his

redemption from all adversity, as a thing done; though he had

many storms yet before him, he knew that He who had delivered,

would deliver.

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