2 Samuel 8

* David subdues the Philistines, the Moabites, and the Syrians.

(1-8) The spoil dedicated. (9-14) David's government and

officers. (15-18)

#1-8. David subdued the Philistines. They had long been

troublesome to Israel. And after the long and frequent struggles

the saints have with the powers of darkness, like Israel with

the Philistines, the Son of David shall tread them all under

foot, and make the saints more than conquerors. He smote the

Moabites, and made them tributaries to Israel. Two parts he

destroyed, the third part he spared. The line that was to keep

alive, though it was but one, is ordered to be a full line. Let

the line of mercy be stretched to the utmost. He smote the

Syrians. In all these wars David was protected, for this in his

psalms he often gives glory to God.9-14 All the precious things David was master of, were

dedicated things; they were designed for building the temple.

The idols of gold David destroyed, #2Sa 5:21|, but the vessels

of gold he dedicated. Thus, in the conquest of a soul by the

grace of the Son of David, what stands in opposition to God must

be destroyed, every lust must be mortified and crucified, but

what may glorify him must be dedicated; thus the property of it

is altered. God employs his servants in various ways; some, as

David, in spiritual battles; others, as Solomon, in spiritual

buildings; and one prepares work for the other, that God may

have the glory of all.
15-18 David neither did wrong, nor denied or delayed right to

any. This speaks his close application to business; also his

readiness to admit all addresses and appeals made to him. He had

no respect of persons in judgment. Herein he was a type of

Christ. To Him let us submit, his friendship let us seek, his

service let us count our pleasure, diligently attending to the

work he assigns to each of us. David made his sons chief rulers;

but all believers, Christ's spiritual seed, are better

preferred, for they are made kings and priests to our God, #Re


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