2 Samuel 9

* David sends for Mephibosheth. (1-8) And provides for him.


1-8 Amidst numerous affairs we are apt to forget the gratitude

we owe, and the engagements we are under, not only to our

friends, but to God himself. Yet persons of real godliness will

have no rest till they have discharged them. And the most proper

objects of kindness and charity, frequently will not be found

without inquiry. Jonathan was David's sworn friend, therefore he

shows kindness to his son Mephibosheth. God is faithful to us;

let us not be unfaithful to one another. If Providence has

raised us, and our friends and their families are brought low,

we must look upon that as giving us the fairer opportunity of

being kind to them.
9-13 As David was a type of Christ, his Lord and Son, his Root

and Offspring, let his kindness to Mephibosheth remind us of the

kindness and love of God our Saviour to fallen man, to whom he

was under no obligation, as David was to Jonathan. The Son of

God seeks this lost and ruined race, who sought not after him.

He comes to seek and to save them!

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