Amos 4

* Israel is reproved. (1-5) Their impenitence shown. (6-13)

1-5 What is got by extortion is commonly used to provide for

the flesh, and to fulfil the lusts thereof. What is got by

oppression cannot be enjoyed with satisfaction. How miserable

are those whose confidence in unscriptural observances only

prove that they believe a lie! Let us see to it that our faith,

hope, and worship, are warranted by the Divine word.
6-13 See the folly of carnal hearts; they wander from one

creature to another, seeking for something to satisfy, and

labour for that which satisfies not; yet, after all, they will

not incline their ear to Him in whom they might find all they

can want. Preaching the gospel is as rain, and every thing

withers where this rain is wanting. It were well if people were

as wise for their souls as they are for their bodies; and, when

they have not this rain near, would go and seek it where it is

to be had. As the Israelites persisted in rebellion and

idolatry, the Lord was coming against them as an adversary. Ere

long, we must meet our God in judgment; but we shall not be able

to stand before him, if he tries us according to our doings. If

we would prepare to meet our God with comfort, at the awful

period of his coming, we must now meet him in Christ Jesus, the

eternal Son of the Father, who came to save lost sinners. We

must seek him while he is to be found.
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