Amos 6

* The danger of luxury and false security. (1-7) Punishments of

sins. (8-14)

1-7 Those are looked upon as doing well for themselves, who do

well for their bodies; but we are here told what their ease is,

and what their woe is. Here is a description of the pride,

security, and sensuality, for which God would reckon. Careless

sinners are every where in danger; but those at ease in Zion,

who are stupid, vainly confident, and abusing their privileges,

are in the greatest danger. Yet many fancy themselves the people

of God, who are living in sin, and in conformity to the world.

But the examples of others' ruin forbid us to be secure. Those

who are set upon their pleasures are commonly careless of the

troubles of others, but this is great offence to God. Those who

placed their happiness in the pleasures of sense, and set their

hearts upon them, shall be deprived of those pleasures. Those

who try to put the evil day far from them, find it nearest to

8-14 How dreadful, how miserable, is the case of those whose

eternal ruin the Lord himself has sworn; for he can execute his

purpose, and none can alter it! Those hearts are wretchedly

hardened that will not be brought to mention God's name, and to

worship him, when the hand of God is gone out against them, when

sickness and death are in their families. Those that will not be

tilled as fields, shall be abandoned as rocks. When our services

of God are soured with sin, his providences will justly be made

bitter to us. Men should take warning not to harden their

hearts, for those who walk in pride, God will destroy.

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