Daniel 12

* The conclusion of the vision of the Scriptures of truth. (1-4)

The times of the continuance of these events. (5-13)

#1-4. Michael signifies, "Who is like God," and his name, with

the title of "the great Prince," points out the Divine Saviour.

Christ stood for the children of our people in their stead as a

sacrifice, bore the curse for them, to bear it from them. He

stands for them in pleading for them at the throne of grace. And

after the destruction of antichrist, the Lord Jesus shall stand

at the latter day upon the earth; and He shall appear for the

complete redemption of all his people. When God works

deliverance from persecution for them, it is as life from the

dead. When his gospel is preached, many who sleep in the dust,

both Jews and Gentiles, shall be awakened by it out of their

heathenism of Judaism. And in the end the multitude that sleep

in the dust shall awake; many shall arise to life, and many to

shame. There is glory reserved for all the saints in the future

state, for all that are wise, wise for their souls and eternity.

Those who turn many to righteousness, who turn sinners from the

errors of their ways, and help to save their souls from death,

#Jas 5:20|, will share in the glory of those they have helped to

heaven, which will add to their own glory.5-13 One of the angels asking how long it should be to the end

of these wonders, a solemn reply is made, that it would be for a

time, times, and a half, the period mentioned ch. #7:25|, and in

the Revelation. It signifies 1260 prophetic days or years,

beginning from the time when the power of the holy people should

be scattered. The imposture of Mohammed, and the papal

usurpation, began about the same time; and these were a twofold

attack upon the church of God. But all will end well at last.

All opposing rule, principality, and power, shall be put down,

and holiness and love will triumph, and be in honour, to

eternity. The end, this end, shall come. What an amazing

prophecy is this, of so many varied events, and extending

through so many successive ages, even to the general

resurrection! Daniel must comfort himself with the pleasing

prospect of his own happiness in death, in judgment, and to

eternity. It is good for us all to think much of going away from

this world. That must be our way; but it is our comfort that we

shall not go till God calls us to another world, and till he has

done with us in this world; till he says, Go thou thy way, thou

hast done thy work, therefore now, go thy way, and leave it to

others to take thy place. It was a comfort to Daniel, and is a

comfort to all the saints, that whatever their lot is in the

days of their lives, they shall have a happy lot in the end of

the days. And it ought to be the great care and concern of every

one of us to secure this. Then we may well be content with our

present lot, and welcome the will of God. Believers are happy at

all times; they rest in God by faith now, and a rest is reserved

for them in heaven at last.
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