Daniel 7

* Daniel's vision of the four beasts. (1-8) and of Christ's

kingdom. (9-14) The interpretation. (15-28)

1-8 This vision contains the same prophetic representations

with Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The great sea agitated by the

winds, represented the earth and the dwellers on it troubled by

ambitious princes and conquerors. The four beasts signified the

same four empires, as the four parts of Nebuchadnezzar's image.

Mighty conquerors are but instruments of God's vengeance on a

guilty world. The savage beast represents the hateful features

of their characters. But the dominion given to each has a limit;

their wrath shall be made to praise the Lord, and the remainder

of it he will restrain.
9-14 These verses are for the comfort and support of the people

of God, in reference to the persecutions that would come upon

them. Many New Testament predictions of the judgment to come,

have plain allusion to this vision; especially #Re 20:11,12|.

The Messiah is here called the Son of man; he was made in the

likeness of sinful flesh, and was found in fashion as a man, but

he is the Son of God. The great event foretold in this passage,

is Christ's glorious coming, to destroy every antichristian

power, and to render his own kingdom universal upon earth. But

ere the solemn time arrives, for manifesting the glory of God to

all worlds in his dealings with his creatures, we may expect

that the doom of each of us will be determined at the hour of

our death; and before the end shall come, the Father will openly

give to his incarnate Son, our Mediator and Judge, the

inheritance of the nations as his willing subjects.
15-28 It is desirable to obtain the right and full sense of

what we see and hear from God; and those that would know, must

ask by faithful and fervent prayer. The angel told Daniel

plainly. He especially desired to know respecting the little

horn, which made war with the saints, and prevailed against

them. Here is foretold the rage of papal Rome against true

Christians. St. John, in his visions and prophecies, which point

in the first place at Rome, has plain reference to these

visions. Daniel had a joyful prospect of the prevalence of God's

kingdom among men. This refers to the second coming of our

blessed Lord, when the saints shall triumph in the complete fall

of Satan's kingdom. The saints of the Most High shall possess

the kingdom for ever. Far be it from us to infer from hence,

that dominion is founded on grace. It promises that the gospel

kingdom shall be set up; a kingdom of light, holiness, and love;

a kingdom of grace, the privileges and comforts of which shall

be the earnest and first-fruits of the kingdom of glory. But the

full accomplishment will be in the everlasting happiness of the

saints, the kingdom that cannot be moved. The gathering together

the whole family of God will be a blessedness of Christ's

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