Deuteronomy 16

* The yearly feasts. (1-17) Of judges, Groves and images

forbidden. (18-22)

1-17 The laws for the three yearly feasts are here repeated;

that of the Passover, that of the Pentecost, that of

Tabernacles; and the general law concerning the people's

attendance. Never should a believer forget his low estate of

guilt and misery, his deliverance, and the price it cost the

Redeemer; that gratitude and joy in the Lord may be mingled with

sorrow for sin, and patience under the tribulations in his way

to the kingdom of heaven. They must rejoice in their receivings

from God, and in their returns of service and sacrifice to him;

our duty must be our delight, as well as our enjoyment. If those

who were under the law must rejoice before God, much more we

that are under the grace of the gospel; which makes it our duty

to rejoice evermore, to rejoice in the Lord always. When we

rejoice in God ourselves, we should do what we can to assist

others also to rejoice in him, by comforting the mourners, and

supplying those who are in want. All who make God their joy, may

rejoice in hope, for He is faithful that has promised.
18-22 Care is taken for the due administration of justice. All

personal regards must be laid aside, so that right is done to

all, and wrong to none. Care is taken to prevent following the

idolatrous customs of the heathen. Nothing belies God more, or

tends more to corrupt the minds of men, than representing and

worshipping, by an image, that God, who is an almighty and

eternal Spirit, present every where. Alas! even in gospel days,

and under a better dispensation, established upon better

promises, there is a tendency to set up idols, under one form or

another, in the human heart.
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