Deuteronomy 18

* A provision respecting Levites. (1-8) The abominations of the

Canaanites to be avoided. (9-14) Christ the great Prophet.


1-8 Care is taken that the priests entangle not themselves with

the affairs of this life, nor enrich themselves with the wealth

of this world; they have better things to mind. Care is likewise

taken that they want not the comforts and conveniences of this

life. The people must provide for them. He that has the benefit

of solemn religious assemblies, ought to give help for the

comfortable support of those that minister in such assemblies.
9-14 Was it possible that a people so blessed with Divine

institutions, should ever be in any danger of making those their

teachers whom God had made their captives? They were in danger;

therefore, after many like cautions, they are charged not to do

after the abominations of the nations of Canaan. All reckoning

of lucky or unlucky days, all charms for diseases, all amulets

or spells to prevent evil, fortune-telling, &c. are here

forbidden. These are so wicked as to be a chief cause of the

rooting out of the Canaanites. It is amazing to think that there

should be any pretenders of this kind in such a land, and day of

light, as we live in. They are mere impostors who blind and

cheat their followers.
15-22 It is here promised concerning Christ, that there should

come a Prophet, great above all the prophets; by whom God would

make known himself and his will to the children of men, more

fully and clearly than he had ever done before. He is the Light

of the world, #Joh 8:12|. He is the World by whom God speaks to

us, #Joh 1:1; Heb 1:2|. In his birth he should be one of their

nation. In his resurrection he should be raised up at Jerusalem,

and from thence his doctrine should go forth to all the world.

Thus God, having raised up his Son Christ Jesus, sent him to

bless us. He should be like unto Moses, only above him. This

prophet is come, even JESUS; and is "He that should come," and

we are to look for no other. The view of God which he gives,

will not terrify or overwhelm, but encourages us. He speaks with

fatherly affection and Divine authority united. Whoever refuses

to listen to Jesus Christ, shall find it is at his peril; the

same that is the Prophet is to be his Judge, #Joh 12:48|. Woe

then to those who refuse to hearken to His voice, to accept His

salvation, or yield obedience to His sway! But happy they who

trust in Him, and obey Him. He will lead them in the paths of

safety and peace, until He brings them to the land of perfect

light, purity, and happiness. Here is a caution against false

prophets. It highly concerns us to have a right touchstone

wherewith to try the word we hear, that we may know what that

word is which the Lord has not spoken. Whatever is against the

plain sense of the written word, or which gives countenance or

encouragement to sin, we may be sure is not that which the Lord

has spoken.
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