Deuteronomy 7

* Intercourse with the Canaanites forbidden. (1-11) Promises if

they were obedient. (12-26)

1-11 Here is a strict caution against all friendship and

fellowship with idols and idolaters. Those who are in communion

with God, must have no communication with the unfruitful works

of darkness. Limiting the orders to destroy, to the nations here

mentioned, plainly shows that after ages were not to draw this

into a precedent. A proper understanding of the evil of sin, and

of the mystery of a crucified Saviour, will enable us to

perceive the justice of God in all his punishments, temporal and

eternal. We must deal decidedly with our lusts that war against

our souls; let us not show them any mercy, but mortify, and

crucify, and utterly destroy them. Thousands in the world that

now is, have been undone by ungodly marriages; for there is more

likelihood that the good will be perverted, than that the bad

will be converted. Those who, in choosing yoke-fellows, keep not

within the bounds of a profession of religion, cannot promise

themselves helps meet for them.
12-26 We are in danger of having fellowship with the works of

darkness if we take pleasure in fellowship with those who do

such works. Whatever brings us into a snare, brings us under a

curse. Let us be constant to our duty, and we cannot question

the constancy of God's mercy. Diseases are God's servants; they

go where he sends them, and do what he bids them. It is

therefore good for the health of our bodies, thoroughly to

mortify the sin of our souls; which is our rule of duty. Yet sin

is never totally destroyed in this world; and it actually

prevails in us much more than it would do, if we were watchful

and diligent. In all this the Lord acts according to the counsel

of his own will; but that counsel being hid from us, forms no

excuse for our sloth and negligence, of which it is in no degree

the cause. We must not think, that because the deliverance of

the church, and the destruction of the enemies of the soul, are

not done immediately, therefore they will never be done. God

will do his own work in his own method and time; and we may be

sure that they are always the best. Thus corruption is driven

out of the hearts of believers by little and little. The work of

sanctification is carried on gradually; but at length there will

be a complete victory. Pride, security, and other sins that are

common effects of prosperity, are enemies more dangerous than

beasts of the field, and more apt to increase upon us.
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