Deuteronomy 9

* The Israelites not to think their success came by their own

worthiness. (1-6) Moses reminds the Israelites of their

rebellions. (7-29)

1-6 Moses represents the strength of the enemies they were now

to encounter. This was to drive them to God, and engage their

hope in him. He assures them of victory, by the presence of God

with them. He cautions them not to have the least thought of

their own righteousness, as if that procured this favour at

God's hand. In Christ we have both righteousness and strength;

in Him we must glory, not in ourselves, nor in any sufficiency

of our own. It is for the wickedness of these nations that God

drives them out. All whom God rejects, are rejected for their

own wickedness; but none whom he accepts are accepted for their

own righteousness. Thus boasting is for ever done away: see #Eph

7-29 That the Israelites might have no pretence to think that

God brought them to Canaan for their righteousness, Moses shows

what a miracle of mercy it was, that they had not been destroyed

in the wilderness. It is good for us often to remember against

ourselves, with sorrow and shame, our former sins; that we may

see how much we are indebted to free grace, and may humbly own

that we never merited any thing but wrath and the curse at God's

hand. For so strong is our propensity to pride, that it will

creep in under one pretence or another. We are ready to fancy

that our righteousness has got for us the special favour of the

Lord, though in reality our wickedness is more plain than our

weakness. But when the secret history of every man's life shall

be brought forth at the day of judgment, all the world will be

proved guilty before God. At present, One pleads for us before

the mercy-seat, who not only fasted, but died upon the cross for

our sins; through whom we may approach, though self-condemned

sinners, and beseech for undeserved mercy and for eternal life,

as the gift of God in Him. Let us refer all the victory, all the

glory, and all the praise, to Him who alone bringeth salvation.
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