Esther 2

* Esther chosen queen. (1-20) Mordecai discovers a plot against

the king. (21-23)1-20 We see to what absurd practices those came, who were

destitute of Divine revelation, and what need there was of the

gospel of Christ, to purify men from the lusts of the flesh, and

to bring them back to the original institution of marriage.

Esther was preferred as queen. Those who suggest that Esther

committed sin to come at this dignity, do not consider the

custom of those times and countries. Every one that the king

took was married to him, and was his wife, though of a lower

rank. But how low is human nature sunk, when such as these are

the leading pursuits and highest worldly happiness of men!

Disappointment and vexation must follow; and he most wisely

consults his enjoyment, even in this present life, who most

exactly obeys the precepts of the Divine law. But let us turn to

consider the wise and merciful providence of God, carrying on

his deep but holy designs in the midst of all this. And let no

change in our condition be a pretext for forgetting our duties

to parents, or the friends who have stood in their place.
21-23 Good subjects must not conceal any bad design they know

of against the prince, or the public peace. Mordecai was not

rewarded at the time, but a remembrance was written. Thus, with

respect to those who serve Christ, though their recompence is

not till the resurrection of the just, yet an account is kept of

their work of faith and labour of love, which God is not

unrighteous to forget. The servant of God must be faithful to

every trust, and watchful for those who employ him. If he appear

to be neglected now, he will be remembered hereafter. None of

our actions can be forgotten; even our most secret thoughts are

written in lasting registers, #Re 20:12|
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