Esther 8

* Mordecai is advanced. (1,2) Esther makes suit for the Jews.

(3-14) Mordecai honoured, The joy of the Jews. (15-17)1,2 What Haman would have done mischief with, Esther will do

good with. All the trust the king had reposed in Haman, he now

placed in Mordecai: a happy change. See the vanity of laying up

treasure upon earth; he that heapeth up riches, knoweth not who

shall gather them. With what little pleasure, nay, with what

constant vexation, would Haman have looked upon his estate, if

he could have foreseen that Mordecai, the man he hated above all

men in the world, should have rule over all that wherein he had

laboured! It is our interest to make sure of those riches which

will not be left behind, but which will go with us to another

3-14 It was time to be earnest, when the church of God was at

stake. Esther, though safe herself, fell down and begged for the

deliverance of her people. We read of no tears when she begged

for her own life, but although she was sure of that, she wept

for her people. Tears of pity and tenderness are the most

Christ-like. According to the constitution of the Persian

government, no law or decree could be repealed or recalled. This

is so far from speaking to the wisdom and honour of the Medes

and Persians, that it clearly shows their pride and folly. This

savours of that old presumption which ruined all, We will be as

gods! It is God's prerogative not to repent, or to say what can

never be altered or unsaid. Yet a way was found, by another

decree, to authorize the Jews to stand upon their defence. The

decree was published in the languages of all the provinces.

Shall all the subjects of an earthly prince have his decrees in

languages they understand, and shall God's oracles and laws be

locked up from any of his servants in an unknown tongue?
15-17 Mordecai's robes now were rich. These things are not

worth notice, but as marks of the king's favour, and the fruit

of God's favour to his church. It is well with a land, when

ensigns of dignity are made the ornaments of serious piety. When

the church prospers, many will join it, who will be shy of it

when in trouble. When believers have rest, and walk in the fear

of the Lord, and the comfort of the Holy Ghost, they will be

multiplied. And the attempts of Satan to destroy the church,

always tend to increase the number of true Christians
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